Share This 25-Second Video

We’re just three short weeks away from the critical FDA advisory committee meeting to evaluate eteplirsen on April 25th. This is a critical milestone for boys with Duchenne. Our community is coming together to ensure that the committee gets a full understanding of the science behind this safe and effective treatment. We need a roomful of people to support this effort and watch history unfold that day!

If you haven’t reserved your seat, there’s still one available for you.

The Food and Drug Safety and Innovation Action (FDASIA) grants the FDA authority to approve eligible treatments for life-threatening illnesses. On April 25, we’ll be urging the FDA to use THAT power to approve eteplirsen for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We’re simply asking them to follow the overwhelming evidence.

An Important Request

Would you please watch and share this simple 25 second video summarizing the results of the 4 year-long study of boys on eteplirsen?

Please Tweet out and post on your personal Facebook page(s) with the hashtag #makeduchennehistory. Your participation will make a tremendous difference for our boys.

The Race to Yes Team