Houston storm: At least 5 killed, more than 600,000 without power

Houston is currently reeling from the aftermath of a powerful storm that has left at least five people dead and more than 600,000 residents without power. The storm, which hit the city on Thursday evening, brought heavy rain, strong winds, and widespread flooding to the area.

The storm caused chaos across the city, with reports of downed trees, damaged homes, and flooded streets. Emergency services were inundated with calls for help as residents found themselves trapped in their homes or stranded on the roads.

Tragically, five people lost their lives as a result of the storm, including two children who were swept away by floodwaters. The devastation caused by the storm has left the community in mourning and has underscored the importance of being prepared for severe weather events.

In addition to the loss of life, the storm has also left a large portion of the city without power. More than 600,000 residents are currently without electricity, leaving them without access to essential services such as air conditioning, refrigeration, and communication.

Utility companies are working around the clock to restore power to the affected areas, but it may take several days before all residents are back online. In the meantime, residents are being urged to stay safe and to check on their neighbors, especially those who may be vulnerable or in need of assistance.

The city of Houston is no stranger to severe weather events, but the impact of this storm has been particularly devastating. As the community comes together to clean up and rebuild, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of being prepared for emergencies and taking precautions to ensure the safety of oneself and others.

As the cleanup efforts continue, it is important for residents to stay informed about the latest developments and to follow the guidance of local authorities. By working together and supporting one another, the city of Houston will be able to recover from this disaster and emerge stronger than ever.

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