Hurricane Beryl live updates: Storm makes landfall in Texas as Category 1 hurricane

Hurricane Beryl has made landfall in Texas as a Category 1 hurricane, bringing with it powerful winds and heavy rainfall. The storm, which has been slowly moving towards the Gulf Coast over the past few days, officially made landfall in the early hours of the morning.

Residents in the affected areas have been urged to take precautions and stay indoors as the storm passes through. The National Hurricane Center has issued warnings for potential flash flooding, strong winds, and storm surge along the coast.

As of the latest updates, Hurricane Beryl is expected to continue moving inland over the next few hours, bringing with it the potential for further damage and disruption. The storm is also expected to weaken as it moves further inland, but residents are still being advised to remain vigilant and stay updated on the latest developments.

Emergency services are on high alert and are ready to respond to any emergencies that may arise as a result of the storm. Authorities have also set up shelters for those who may need to evacuate their homes due to the storm.

Residents are being urged to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travel until the storm has passed. It is important to stay informed and follow any instructions given by local authorities to ensure everyone’s safety during this challenging time.

As Hurricane Beryl continues to move through Texas, it is crucial for residents to stay updated on the latest developments and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families. Our thoughts are with those affected by the storm, and we hope for a swift recovery for all those impacted.

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