Meet the Parents

Every parent of a child with Duchenne has raced a mile of this “Race to Yes.” They are caregivers for their children. They fundraise for urgent research. They are students of the latest clinical trials and scientific discoveries. They advocate in the halls of Congress and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

But even with so many incredible miles already behind them, the most critical challenges are just ahead. The most important mile marker is finally here. The first safe and effective therapy that can help 13% of people with Duchenne is ready to be approved.

This generation of children can be the first to live with Duchenne, not die from it.

This website gives voice to the hard work and hopes of thousands of moms, dads and their children. We are committed to every family living each day of their child’s life to the fullest – offering the chance to experience all the milestones of each young boy’s life today and for decades to come.

The Race to Yes is charting the course with bright hope and real results. For the sake of their sons, these moms refuse to take “NO” for an answer.

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