Israel-Gaza live updates: 300,000 have fled Rafah, UN agency says

The situation in Gaza continues to escalate as Israel’s military operation in the region intensifies. According to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), an estimated 300,000 residents of Rafah have fled their homes in fear of the ongoing violence.

The UNRWA has reported that many families have sought shelter in schools and other temporary facilities, while others have fled to neighboring towns and villages. The mass exodus from Rafah is a stark reminder of the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, where residents are caught in the crossfire of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The Israeli military has been carrying out airstrikes in Gaza in response to rocket attacks launched by Hamas militants. The violence has resulted in widespread destruction and civilian casualties, with reports of hundreds of Palestinians killed and thousands injured.

The UNRWA has called for an immediate ceasefire to allow for humanitarian aid to reach those in need and for the protection of civilians caught in the conflict. The agency has also expressed concern about the growing number of displaced persons in Gaza and the strain it is putting on already limited resources.

The international community has condemned the violence in Gaza and called for an end to the hostilities. The United Nations Security Council has held emergency meetings to address the crisis, but so far efforts to broker a ceasefire have been unsuccessful.

As the situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate, it is crucial for all parties involved to prioritize the protection of civilians and to work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The mass displacement of residents in Rafah is a sobering reminder of the human cost of war, and the urgent need for a lasting peace in the region.

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